Fundraising Ideas

Casual Clothes Day

Ask your boss or teacher if you can have a dress down day for gold coin donation. Why not jazz it up and have a themed fancy dress day or incorporate another fundraising activity such as a morning tea to help boost donations.

Bake Sale/Morning Tea

Clear your kitchen, grab some friends (or the kids) and bake up a storm to sell at work, school or your sports club. Everyone loves the taste and smells of home baked goodies!

Games or Trivia Night

Charge for participation, organise a few novelty prizes and download some quiz questions from the internet or bring out some traditional board games for a round-robin challenge.

Sausage Sizzle

Everyone loves a delicious sausage sizzle! Why not ask your local store if they can donate some sausages and bread or give you a discount.

Movie Night

Choose something new, an all time favourite or there are some incredibly inspiring refugee movies and documentaries. Turn your screening into a fundraiser by charging entry and providing some snacks and drinks for a fee.


Enlist some local talent and host a gig at your local hotel, club or in you own backyard - sell tickets online or on the door. Why not boost your fundraiser by also asking for a slice of the bar takings!

Fundraising Tips

These are our top tips for a successful fundraiser but don’t hesitate to reach out to if you have any questions.

  1. Keep it easy – sometimes the simplest fundraisers can be the most successful.
  2. Ask for help – you’ll be surprised how keen family and friends are to get involved!
  3. Don’t forget to check out our great range of downloadable fundraising resources!
  4. Keep tabs on your costs and don’t be afraid to ask for discounts – you might even get it for free!
  5. Remember no one should be out of pocket when they organise a fundraiser so make sure you reimburse yourself any expenses before making your final donation to the ASRC – being transparent and saying that the ASRC will receive the proceeds of your event is perfectly acceptable.
  6. When you register your fundraiser don’t forget to also create a fundraising page – this gives people that can't attend the opportunity to support your fundraising efforts. They are also a super easy way to raise funds if you don’t have any expenses associated with your fundraiser.
  7. Social Media is your friend – create a facebook event for your fundraiser and get all your friends to like, comment and share it.
  8. Make sure you seek any necessary permissions from local council or businesses if you’re organising a fundraiser in a public area or shopping centre.
  9. Ask your Employer or Manager if they would be willing to support your efforts by matching the amount you raise.
  10. Use an online ticketing system to sell tickets for your fundraiser – you could offer an early bird discount or you could have a ‘pay what you feel entry’ meaning it’s up to the audience to set the ticket price. Humanitix, Trybooking and Eventbrite are all popular sites.
  11. Don’t forget to take pictures on the day, post them on social media and share them with the ASRC – we love to see the results of your fundraising efforts!
  12. And finally, don’t forget to register your fundraiser so we can support you.